Story is the song line of a person’s life. We need to sing it and we need someone to hear the singing. Story told, story heard, story written, story read, create the web of life in words.

Christina Baldwin

Storycatcher, 2005

Margaret Murphy

Presentations  - Workshops

Connecting With Heart: The Hospice Experience in Every Day Life

When I am working in Hospice I am more connected, more open and far less judgmental of others and myself. I release and let go of limiting beliefs. I am not afraid, I am present and at peace. Sound familiar? As hospice workers and volunteers we become who we are truly meant to be, with our patients, our clients and caregivers. How can we extend that connection to everyday life? How can we fully connect in all our encounters, with family, friends and most importantly, with ourselves? This lively presentation is an invitation to “Living Hospice” as a way of life, every single day. 

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