Story is the song line of a person’s life. We need to sing it and we need someone to hear the singing. Story told, story heard, story written, story read, create the web of life in words.

Christina Baldwin

Storycatcher, 2005

Margaret Murphy


Stories are the connecting threads that give meaning to our lives.

Stories guide us through change and help us shape and heal our world.

Stories bring clarity and help us build and strengthen our connections at home and at work.

Sharing stories unites us in so many ways: to our world, to our work and community, to our family, and ultimately to ourselves.

I'm Margaret Murphy, speaker, storyteller and workshop facilitator.

My vision is simple: building connections at home, work and community through story.

My passion is strong, in presenting my own original stories OR helping you and your group effectively communicate your special story.

I bring the magic and power of Communication Through Story to your event:

•  Conferences

•  Conventions

•  Festivals

•  Workshops

•  Performances

•  Custom Programs

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